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Building from ssh w/o interactive session


I’m currently in the process of evaluating DropDMG in order to be used through its CLI tool, within a build process. We produce the dmg using layouts and licences file settings that are managed under SCM. Despite the settings are not really double-clickable documents, this works fine through CLI but it remains only one, diehard problem regarding our needs.

When the build process is started from a ssh session, it appears thar the CLI tool cannot work and produces an error, because it tries to launch the DropDMG application that needs an interactive session to operate.

This is unfortunately, a blocking problem as the mac machine that serves the build is not necessarily accessible at build time. Other sessions may already be opened, or not, and not under the login of the build process.

And even if it would be the case, this is unfair to let the DropDMG application left open afterwards is somebody is using it at the same time (an AppleScript issue, I know, I suspect your are internally using it).

My question is: is it conceivable that in some near future, the dropdmg tool will NOT need to launch the associated application to proceed?

Thanks for any help in the matter.


P.S. If somebody know how to start a Mac OS X interactive session from ssh, I will appreciate as well.

Yes, you can drag and drop the files to the Finder and put them in your SCM.

I think it will work if you already have DropDMG open (by the same user) on the build Mac.

This is something that I’m investigating. I’m not sure yet whether it will be possible—some of the APIs DropDMG is using might not work without a GUI. In any case, it would be a major change, so I would not expect this in the “near” future.