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Building layout where .pkg version changes

I’m looking to make our software install DMG prettier and simple to build.

I’ve built a layout which works fine when I drop a local folder of files onto the DropDMG app, but when I download the existing DMG and drop either the DMG itself of the icon on the desktop representing the mounted DMG, the resulting DMG that is built doesn’t have the background image, or the icon placement.

Exiting DMG download: http://presstore_downloads.s3.amazonaws.com/awpst565.dmg

I’m also interested in whether I can make a single layout which would allow the filename of the pkg to change for different software versions, can I possibly use a placeholder for this I wonder?

Thanks in advance, happy to clarify if above not clear enough.


That’s working as designed. When you start with a folder, DropDMG applies all the options in the configuration, including setting the layout. When you start with an existing disk image, DropDMG converts it to the specified format but doesn’t modify its contents. When you start with a volume, DropDMG also makes an exact copy of the volume.

Yes, the Application Placeholder will work for the main .pkg file in the source folder (so long as there isn’t a .app file).

Perfect - thanks Michael