Bulk enable in blocklist/allowlist editor feature request

Is it possible to select multiple rules in the rules editor and bulk enable or bulk disable the selected rules at once? I’ve got tons of individual email addresses that are mistakenly allow listed.

If I try to speed things up by using the keyboard, when I use the spacebar to enable or disable a selected rule, the app loses focus and I can’t use the arrow keys to move the selection to the next row.

This is not currently possible, except via AppleScript. The spacebar toggles checkboxes in Filter spam messages in other mailboxes but not in rules windows.

One of the reasons I did not implement a shortcut for this is that it’s usually the wrong thing to do. If you yourself created rules by mistake, you should probably just delete them.

Spammy allowlist rules can also be created by SpamSieve itself through auto-training. When SpamSieve thinks an incoming message is good, it also adds a rule to the allowlist. SpamSieve may be wrong about that message, and that’s OK. If SpamSieve makes a mistake and lets a spam message through, when you train the message as spam it will disable the corresponding allowlist rules. If you see spammy rules that are enabled, that is not normal. It means that you have not been correcting all the mistakes. Rather than disable the rules, it is better to find the misclassified messages in your mail client or in SpamSieve’s Corpus window or Log window and train them properly.

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