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Burning a CD/DVD With a Custom Icon

The following post was added to the DropDMG blog:

When you burn a disk image to CD/DVD, if the image has a custom volume icon the burned disc will, too. This is fine if you’re copying an existing disc, but what if you want to burn your own files? DropDMG will let you burn a file/folder directly, but Mac OS X will set the icon, e.g. to the one with “CDR” printed on it. Here’s how to take advantage of DropDMG’s disk image features to burn a disc with a custom icon:

  1. Create a folder with the name that you want for your disc, and move or copy your files into it.
  2. Choose File ‣ Convert Graphic to “.VolumeIcon.icns”…. First select the image file that you want to use as the icon, then choose the folder that you just created.
  3. Make sure that Use custom icon for mounted image is checked in DropDMG’s preferences.
  4. Drag the folder onto DropDMG to create a .dmg file with the custom icon.
  5. Choose File ‣ Burn Image… and select the .dmg file (or Shift-drag the file onto DropDMG) to burn the image.