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Burning Segmented Disc Images

I want to create a backup of a folder onto multiple CDs or DVDs.

I set the Preferences to Limit segments to 4475 MB, but the [Confirm] button was disabled.

I tried to

  • Shift+drag the folder onto the DropDMG status window and
  • and to use the menu (File> Burn Folder/File

I was prompted for a disc, and I inserted a DVD-R.

Next I got the message: The disc has 4488.1 MB available; 30779.0 MB are needed. with the [Burn] button disabled (the [Eject] and [Cancel] were available.

I do not want to have to create 30GB of disc images first and then burn each one on to DVDs. Will DrobDMG segment & burn the contents of a folder onto a series of CD/DVDs in one pass. Must it create disc image files before burning? One image for the next disc or all the images for the set? Does it verify each disc once it’s burned?

I really appreciate the thought that went into this program! It works with as little or as much interaction you need. Nice job!

The Confirm button is to verify the passphrase. If you don’t have it set to create an encrypted image, then the Confirm button will be disabled. I do realize this can be confusing since the button is also right next to the segment size text field.

Shift-drag is like Burn Image; it will try to burn the contents of the image to a single disc. When burning segments to separate discs, you should use Option-Shift-drag or Burn Folder/File.

Are you sure that you tried this? It should have worked.

DropDMG (and OS X’s disk imaging engine in general) must create all the .dmgpart files first, before burning.

Yes (unless you uncheck this option in the sheet when you insert the disc).

I’m having a similar issue with burning segments to a DVD
I have an 11 GB project that has text, .mov, jpegs, and mp3s media on it to create a DVD (-R). I selected read only as suggested in the manual and I selected the set max limit for DVDs and it split the project into the 3 segments. I burned each segment (and a 2X slower rate to avoid burn errors) and used the Burn File/Folder and it tracks, burns and verifys each disc fine but when used in a DVD player it cannot read the disc and indicates a disc error. When I tried to just burn the first segment disc as a retry without burning everything again, it did the same thing. Won’t play on a DVD player.
I tried placing it into the drive of my computer and it comes back with an error message saying it is missing parts 2 and 3 (there are a total of 3 segments).
After segmenting a project, does the program not burn the segment as an individual disc? It seems like I am missing a step in the process somewhere after having the file segmented to getting it to burn properly on the disc soo it will play on a DVD player and it doesn’t seem to go into the detail in the manual enough.
Thanks for any assistance.

DVD video players do not know how to read .dmg files, and they do not support segments. They only read raw media files. So, to access the files with a DVD player, you cannot use DropDMG’s segment feature. Instead, you would need to manually create three DVD-sized folders and divide the files between them.

You cannot access a single segment at a time. Instead, copy all 3 segments into the same folder on your hard disk. Then, you can open the first segment to access the entire folder.