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Button for spamsieve?

A feature request I suppose, unless this is currently possible and Im just too dense to see how to acquire the functionality.

I know, I could use the keyboard commands for such task as “SpamSieve - Train as Spam”.

But I wonder if it might be possible sometime, to have a button that could be added to mail’s toolbar for the two most common actions, i.e, train as spam, train as good".

For me, this would be a little more convenient. I’d seriously think about getting a more button-featured mouse, where I could assign these two critical actions to the buttons - the logitech I have now unfortunately has just 5 buttons and they’re all being used now - hide apps, spaces, etc.


This is not currently possible, but I’m investigating how to add it for a future version.

Well, I don’t see any relation between toolbar buttons and mouse buttons. If you have a programmable mouse, you could probably configure it to invoke the current menu commands.

Thanks for the quick reply Michael. I will stay tuned to see if this come to fruition.

As far as the mouse, I understand that I could program a button now - what I meant, rather, was that if the button toolbar doesn’t become possible - I will look into upgrading the mouse.

The primary problem with the latter, is that I’m left handed, along with fewer choices on the mac to begin, substantially restricts the range of mice that might offer more than the 5 buttons I currently use. I haven’t seen one as yet (that’s not meant for right handed freaks!)- feel free to recommend one that might suffice.