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Can EagleFiler pick up URLs from Firefox?

I like EagleFiler a lot, and the interface is just what I’ve always wanted. (Actually I’d prefer Finder-looking windows instead of Mail-looking windows, but this is good too.) We use Firefox 2.0 as our main browser. Just checking - EagleFiler can’t pick up the URL of a Web page it stores, can it? I note that when Firefox prints a web page, it prints the URL at the top of the page, which is handy; EagleFiler naturally prints the path of the saved file in the same spot, but it sure would be good to have that URL too, but I know not everything is possible.

I’m not really sure what you mean by “pick up” or “stores.”

The easiest way to get a page into EagleFiler from Firefox is to press the capture key. You can also drag and drop a URL or use the Import URL(s) command. In all of these cases EagleFiler will create a Web archive of the page, and it will know which URL the Web archive came from.

If you print the Web page to a PDF and import the PDF, EagleFiler will not know the URL. Likewise if you save the page an HTML or text file and then import the text file.

Going to page deep in Web site from EagleFiler
Sorry I was unclear. Here’s what I meant. Let’s say you go to www.thissite.com and click on links until you’re looking at a page called www.thissite.com/lowerdown/lowerstill/reallydownthere.html. If I print the page from Firefox, the upper left-hand corner of the printout shows this whole long URL. EagleFiler prints, naturally, the path to the saved file on my hard disk, in the same spot on the printed page. The EagleFiler window displays only the top level URL (www.thissite.com). But, I’ve now discovered that EagleMailer does remember the full URL and you can get to it with Context Click > Open Source URL. That’s all I need. I’m happy. But, is there any way to view the full URL, in case I need it for a footnote or something?

Sorry to have so many questions about a product that’s already so good and that I will buy. Thanks for your time.

EagleFiler will show the source URL in a tooltip if you hover over the records list. There’s also the "]Copy Source URL]([QUOTE=mackerelhead;2421) command in the Edit menu.

No problem—I just wanted to make sure I was answering the question that you were asking.