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Can EagleFiler reside in a folder other than Applications?

Hi all - bit of a strange question, and not confined to Eaglefiler obviously.

I have just received a MacBook Pro (with 10.5) from work but it is fairly locked down by our sysadmins who do not want us to install any applications ourselves on it. I cannot install apps into the applications folder without a system password.

I have managed to get around this by installing one or two vital apps that I use (Scrivener, Mellel, Omnioutliner) in my home folder. I am currently evaluating EagleFiler and am finding it indispensible and want to use it on the MBP - is it safe to install it into my home folder rather than the applications folder?



Yes. If you can’t use the top-level Applications folder, I recommend putting it in a folder called Applications in your home folder.