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Can i add an email to spam folder ?

Hi i have been happily using Spamsieve for quite a while on my Mac Book Pro

but recently i received some mail in my Inbox that should have been recognised as Spam but wasn’t.

I thought at one time i had an option to “Send to Spam” or similar, when the mail was opened. But nowhere can i find anywhere to re-instate this option, i am beginning to wonder if it ever existed.

Please can anybody point me the right direction or confirm that i am loosing my marbles ??



In Apple Mail, the command is called SpamSieve - Train as Spam in the Message menu.

thanks buddy, that will be better than nothing, but as i was trying to explain above, i thought i had a “button” similar to “train as Spam” at the top of the opened email.

Thanks again.


A toolbar button for training is a feature that I would like to add, but it has never been a feature of SpamSieve with Apple Mail. There are the menu commands and the keyboard shortcuts. Also, please note that the menu command operates on the message that’s selected in the list, which may not be the same as a message that you’ve opened in a separate window.