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Can I delete spam without it going into Trash folder first?

Can I delete spam without it going into Trash folder first?
I often keep things in my trash folder for 30 days just in case, but the spam I want to get rid of straight away. Is there a way to do this?

Which mail program are you using?

mac mail ver. 2.1.1, macbook pro, OSX 10.4.10

As far as I know, the only way to delete messages from Apple Mail without them going through the trash is to have them auto-deleted from the Junk mailbox.

regarding the instructions from 4.2.2

"… and edit the rule such that the conditions don’t match any messages. For example, use these two conditions:

Message is addressed to my full name
Message is not addressed to my full name"

are these the only 2 conditions i need to set in my advanced junk mail pref pane?
or, do i need to do this for in/not in my address book, is/is not a member of a group, date sent/recieved etc…?

Yes, just those two.

But that does not sound as a good solution because then the ‘marked as junk’ mail will disappear without anyone having the ability to check whether there are good messages marked as spam.

What is needed is a button (or something simlar) so that one can tell “delete all (marked?) messages in the spamsieve junkbox”.

Or an option in preference telling Spamsieve to “really delete and not move to garbish” when mail in the spamsieve box is deleted.

That isn’t a problem because you can set it to wait a week before deleting them. Or, you can set it to not auto-delete them, but use the Mailbox > Erase Junk Mail command manually.

The ‘mailbox -> Erase junk mail’ would be fine for me but (if I have understood it all correctly) I have to set in Mailpref->Spam either “move to unwanted junk box” or “do special rules, see advanced”. See enclosed picture. It is in Dutch but locaion of all is same.

Yes, you would need to enable Mail’s junk mail filter, but you can set it up as described here so that it doesn’t interfere with SpamSieve.

I did follow every step there as you can see in picture with previous message.

But when the Mail->Junkpref is set like shown the button “Delete Junkbox” is greyed. This option only appears when I select the 2nd checkbox (“move to junk mailbox”) but then option 3 ("do advanced rules’) is no longer checked.

Well, I couldn’t see from the screenshot how you had configured the junk rule conditions.

Sorry, but I don’t know what “the button “Delete Junkbox’” refers to. Could you send me a screenshot or tell me the name of the button when running in English?