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Can i run eaglefiler in the background

when i startup? meaning can i set it to start, open a library, but not open the window immediately?

Sure, you can put an alias to the library in EagleFiler’s Startup Items folder, add EagleFiler as a login item in System Preferences, and check the Hide checkbox.

thank you for responding so quickly!
i did try what you suggested, however the library window pops up on startup.

any suggestions?

It worked on my Mac. Which version of Mac OS X do you have? Do you want to post a screenshot showing how you set it up?

i’m using Leopard 10.5.6

the screen captures should be attached.

thanks again.

That looks correct to me. You could also try not putting the alias in Startup Items. Then EagleFiler will open the libraries that were open when it was last quit.

hmmm… i just tried that and it did not work.

i will try eliminating some of the startup items to see if some other program
is causing this.