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Can I select an email as spam?

Hi I’ve had SS installed for years but it is so complex that I have no idea how it works or how to adjust anything.

What I’d like to be able to do is highlight or click on a spam email, mark it as spam to be filtered out and thus not receive any more mails from that sender or organisation landing in my inbox.

Even with SS my mailbox gets continuous spam and a junk mail folder full of rubbish.

Is this a forlorn hope or can SS do this?

Many thanks for any help

Cheers and best wishes,


Since SpamSieve automatically learns recognize spam, it should be as simple as clicking on the spam message in your inbox and training the message as spam (i.e. clicking Move to Junk if you’re using MailMate). Over time it will learn that that organization always sends you spam.

Or, if you want, you could create a blocklist rule to instantly make sure that messages from that company are always treated as spam. This is described in Blocklisting Domains and Countries.

If you are getting lots of spam in your inbox, there may be a problem with the setup or training. Please send in a diagnostic report.

Thanks for sending the diagnostic report. It appears that MailMate has not asked SpamSieve to filter any messages since April. Messages that SpamSieve has examined will have a value in the SpamSieve Score column in MailMate. So the problem has nothing to do with SpamSieve’s training or blocklist. Could you please check the MailMate setup?