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Can I store my Spam mailbox on iCloud?

I’ve read through a lot of your manual and some forum entries and not sure how to search for and/or ask what I want to do. I have not been using Apple Mail for quite a long time because of its annoying bugs. I haven’t heard or read negative comments about Mail lately so I am going to try it again.

I am running Apple Mail v10.1 and SpamSieve v2.9.26 on two Macs both running macOS Sierra v10.12.1 beta. One is a 2012 version of a MacBook Pro and the other is a 2014 version of an iMac. I have bought in to 200 GB of iCloud storage and have all my documents, pics, music, movies, et al stored there so they are accessible to both machines or any machine I am using.

I would like to set up the two macs to store SpamSieve Spam and maybe all my email data on my iCloud so both machines can share the Mail and SpamSieve support files, folders and mailboxes. If I read the save on server directions in the manual, it is using a spam folder on one of my email accounts. If this can be done, would someone point me to the directions on how to do it?

Thanks, James

You can store all the spam on the server, as described here. There is currently no way to make two copies of SpamSieve share the same support files. Please see this page for the multi-Mac setup options.

Let me clarify my question.

Thank you Michael for your quick response. Your personal support with SpamSieve, which has to be time consuming, should be a model for other developers. Thorsten Lemke’s support for GraphicConverter is the only other developer I know who gives personal support like you do. Thanks.

I had previously read through section 4.6.7 - Using a Spam Mailbox on the Server and that explains how to use one of my email account’s servers to collect all the spam from my 7 emails accounts into one spam on that company’s server. I will end up doing that but I wanted to store my spam (and other Mail stuff) on my personal iCloud Drive. Now I realize what I want to do cannot be done. This morning when I tried to create a Spam mailbox on my iCloud Drive, I discovered that Mail only allows me to make a mailbox on my my Mac or one of my account’s servers. Mail won’t allow me to create a mailbox in an alternate location. I think a night’s sleep and 2 cups of coffee helps to clarify this for me.

My task today is to install SpamSieve in Mail again, use my gmail account’s server to collect the spam of the 7 accounts and start the training process again. Thanks again Michael,


iCloud Drive is a folder in the Finder that syncs. It’s like Apple’s Dropbox. This is totally separate from Mail. You could create a Spam mailbox on the iCloud mail server if you want. Or, Gmail is fine, too.