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Can Multiple Users access the EagleFiler Library simultaneously?

EagleFiler is a fantastic way for organizing files.

In wonder however if I can place the library in my DropBox folder and have two users access it at the same time from different Macs.

Can this be done?


Multiple users can access the same files within the library at the same time, but the library should only be open in EagleFiler on one Mac at a time. For more information, please see this page.

It would be nice if EagleFiler had a rebuild database feature so we wouldn’t have to manually do so many things to rebuild it.


There is a way to rebuild the library, which is generally only necessary if the OS/Mac damages the database file or if you’ve not observed the folder rules. Concurrent access is really an entirely separate issue.

So I can have multiple users access the EagleFiler Library Files Folder.

Then if any folders or files are added, I can invoke Scan for New Files to add them to the EagleFiler database.

That’s simple enough.

Thanks Michael.