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Can SpamSieve Permanently Delete some email?

I have recently switched to using SpamSieve in lieu of 50+ rules in Apple Mail to week out the garbage that I have no interest in seeing ever…
I have 6 or 7 Apple Mail rules (currently not active) that have 30-40 specific keywords or addresses in each of them with an Action of “Delete message, Stop evaluating rules” so I never see them and they are permanently deleted from my email.

Does SpamSieve has setting that would do the same thing?

I don’t really want to have to maintain those rules.
I’d like SpamSieve to relieve me of that headache.
That was the whole idea of switching to SpamSieve.


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Please see this page. Example 1 shows how to move blocklisted messages directly to the trash. And you can add your own rules to the blocklist if you want.

Move to Trash != Delete Message
Thanks for your reply, Michael.
I already have SpamSieve setup to move spam to Trash folder instead of Spam folder.
The “Delete Message” action in Apple Mail rules permanently removes the email from the email system, as in, there is no Undo once it is moved.
This is the action I am looking for in SpamSieve.
In my original post, I included an image of the Apple Mail rule showing some of the kinds of things I don’t want to ever see in my email.
I accept that it is irretrievable, and only set such things to permanently delete that I have reviewed in the past and don’t want to ever see again.
It looks to me like the whitelist and blacklist are only a means of filtering incoming email to Spam, Trash, or Inbox.
I don’t see any Actions on a per rule basis.
Please let me know if I am missing something, or if I just need to put such rules ahead of the SpamSieve … Every Message rules.


You can use the “Delete Message” action in your “SpamSieve [Blue]” rule. I don’t recommend this because any mistakes could cause you to lose good messages, but if you really know what you’re doing…

If you set the blacklist to “Delete Message” that will also mean that automatically created blacklist rules can lead to permanently deleted messages. This would include the rules built into SpamSieve as well as the rules for sender names and sender addresses that SpamSieve creates when you train messages as spam.

So although you can set the blocklist to do what you asked, it would be safer to limit the deletions to the messages matched by your hand-crafted rule that’s above the SpamSieve rules.

Can I set the spamminess color or value in my blocklist rules?

Can I set the spamminess color or value in my BlockList rules?
Or does the spamminess scoring occur after all blocklist rules have run?
If the former, then I can make sure the Blue rule to Delete Messages includes the ones I don’t want to see.

Is it possible to “Train as Blue”, “Train as Gray”, “Train as Red” or that sort of way to tell SpamSieve how spammy I think a message is?

Just trying to know what my options are.


No, any rule matching the blocklist is always given a spam score of 99/100.

No, training just tells SpamSieve whether a message is spam or good.

Does the "SpamSieve

What is the order of execution for “SpamSieve [Score]” color based Apple Mail Rules, the Blocklist rules and the Whitelist rules?

Thanks for all your answers and time…
You are tremendously diligent in replying quickly to questions.

Michael, you Rock!


The spam score is evaluated once, by the “SpamSieve [Score]” rule. This executes all the SpamSieve filters, in the order shown in the Filters preferences, until it reaches a decision. Then Mail continues down its list of rules until it finds one whose color matches the spam score. This determines which action will be applied.