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Can SpamSieve remove old spam from my in-box?

I recently had to download all my email from my server - including all the spam.I didn’t have SpamSieve installed then but I do now. Is there a way that SpamSieve can filter out all this junk from my in-box retrospectfully? I’m using Mail and OS 10.4. Thanks.


Thanks for your prompt reply Michael. I understand that I can select the spam manually in my in-box and have SpamSieve move it over for me, but I was wondering if there was a way that I could train it to automatically sift the spam from all the messages already in my in-box?

Yes, what’s what the above link is about. You select a mix of messages (both spam and good) and SpamSieve moves the spams to the Spam mailbox.

Now I get you. That works perfectly, thank you.