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Can Toothfairy prevent devices from autolaunching Apple Music?


I stumbled upon Toothfairy while searching for a way to prevent my headphones (Sennheiser Momentum 3) from auto-launching Apple Music when turned on. I am running Big Sur.

This is incredibly annoying. Strangely it doesn’t always happen, just sometimes. I do use Apple Music so decomissioning it is not an option.

Ideally I could prevent any desired bluetooth devices from auto-connecting on a case by case basis but this functionality is not explicitly described in the product description.


ToothFairy itself can’t prevent this. You may be able to prevent the Music app from auto-launching by disabling the com.apple.rcd launch agent, though I’ve heard this is less reliably on newer versions of macOS.

Hmmm… I was hoping I could control what bluetooth devices are allowed to automatically connect to my Mac. There’s a lot of people griping about this. I’d rather connect them manually than suffer the “convenience” of having my headphones deciding what I want to listen to and when. My Sennheiser’s will sometimes (randomly) fire up my Apple TV and start playing it on their own. Oh man… If you could solve this (at least for the Mac) you’d have a lot of customers just on that basis I think.

I purchased Toothfairy anyway. Seems very handy.

I will try disabling com.apple.rcd thank you!

Unfortunately, there’s no way for apps to control that, as far as I know.