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Can you run SpamSieve retrospectively on mailbox?

I downloaded the Spamsieve trial and I’m generally pretty pleased with it, despite Maverick’s best attempts…

However, before this I endured two months of sustained spamming and have an inbox bloated with spam. Is there a way to run Spamsieve retrospectively on my inbox to thin out the rubbish? If not, does anyone have any suggestions on ways to solve this issue?

Best regards

Neill Watson

If you’re using Apple Mail, you can just select the messages and choose Message > Apply Rules. Then correct any mistakes, as normal.

Sorry, Michael, I perhaps wasn’t clear.

There are thousands of emails in my inbox, many are spam. I’d like Spamsieve to go through them and filter them using the training that it has had. These are all messages that arrived in my inbox before I installed Spamsieve. It’s ben through the training and works fine, I’d like it to go through the messages in my inbox that were downloaded before it was installed.


Neill W

Yes, that’s what I thought you meant. Did you try using Apply Rules?

Hi Michael,

Thanks for that suggestion. I selected all the messages in the folder and ran the Rule. I took quite a long time and seemed to be working. Sadly no. It flagged up the spam email by colour coding, but didn’t move them to my Spam folder.

I have to say, no reflection on Spamsieve, which I think is a good product, but the way that Apple Maverick is slowing down Mail is ridiculous.

Neill W

Hmm, that should work. The messages not moving could indicate a problem with your mail database or Mail’s communication with the server. Another option would be to use the Apple Mail - Move If Spam AppleScript.