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Can you still write import scripts?

Dear Developers of EagleFiler,

       I bought the program yesterday and I am more and more convinced that I made the right choice. I have another question, however:

I read in an old review (from 2006) that when it was not possible to import from a program, EagleFiler used to write an error message inviting you to write a plugin script to allow the import.

I noticed that this does not happen anymore. However, is it still possible to write those scripts? I ask you because I would be able to write or edit scripts to customize the imports (for example, to import files from a programming IDE, etc.)

Thank you for your help


Sorry for disturbing you, I just found the chapter in the manual describing how to do it.


Here’s the link. This is for the special scripts that EagleFiler calls when you press the capture key.

You can also write stationery scripts to be called when you use File ‣ New Record to create a new file from stationery.

And, of course, you can open EagleFiler’s dictionary in Script Editor and write normal AppleScripts.