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Cannot access Mail Preferences to activate anything!

I cannot follow the instructions to go into Preferences because everytime I try to select Preferences from the dropdown menu, Mail crashes with dialog box "Mail quit unexpectedly while using the HockeySDK plug-in.

I am not blaming SpamSieve for causing the crash because the crashing on opening Preferences started before upgrading SpamSieve; but because you are now requiring the user to manually go into Preferences, SpamSieve becomes unusable because I can’t get into Preferences!

HockeySDK is not part of Apple Mail or SpamSieve, so I’m guessing it’s from another plug-in that you’ve installed. I suggest removing your other plug-ins and then adding them back one-by-one to see which is causing the crash.

Just wanted to say “Thank you” for that swift reply and good advice. That did it! By moving several of the others to the trash until whomever is able to fix what they broke, I am again able to get into the Preferences and use Mail with SpamSieve. The others are convneient but SpamSieve is indispensable!