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Cannot Delete Spam Folder - Have tried the full Uninstall Procedure


I am using Mac Mail with the latest edition of Mac Sierra. I installed SpamSieve, created a local folder on my Mac Book called spam with my IMAP mail accounts - and enjoyed working with the trial for a day.

I then thought I ought to change to having a Drone using my IMac. I uninstalled SpamSieve on my Mac book using the procedure in the guide including removing the rule and the SpamSieve files from the library and did a restart.

The spam folders on my IMAP accounts remain. I have checked server side and the folders are not there. I looked under Account Info and the spam folder is there.

The spam folders are also on my IMAP accounts on my IMac. I have tried deleting them without success. I have enabled Junk and disenabled it, I have restarted the computers and searched for any reference to spam or SpamSieve in the account details without success and the spam folder still remain. There is no rule on the macBook or the Imac. I have click rebuild and the pesky spam folder remains.

As the folders are not server side I can only conclude that it is something in Mac Mail that is causing the problem.

Any suggestions as to how to get rid of the spam folders would be appreciated.

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The uninstall procedure does not delete the Spam mailbox. Did you try to do that yourself?

I’m confused because you said that you created a local Spam mailbox for SpamSieve. But now you’re talking about IMAP mailboxes, presumably unrelated to SpamSieve.

It is normal that if you have a server junk filter it will have its own server Spam mailbox, which it doesn’t let you delete. This has nothing to do with SpamSieve.

What you’ve written above (they show up in Account Info, sync to your iMac, and don’t delete) seems to indicate that they are server side.

Thanks for the quick reply Michael.

Yes - I was surprised to see the spam folder suddenly go from local to Imap myself - though it is just on my computers and not server side.

A further error I did was not to uninstall the Apple Mail Plugin before removing the application. I have looked at where the plugin should be and there is no evidence of it in the Library - so it must have been deleted.

I am onto my host to try and bottom out the errant spam folders - it is something to do with them think but not sure what yet.

The Drone is working well and with no problems on all my email accounts - I just need to get rid of the additional spam folder in each account as there are now 2.

Thanks once again for the advice and if you have any more thoughts on what is causing the problem then grateful you let me know. I will post here to let others know when I eventually get to the bottom of this.

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I don’t understand why you are saying that it’s IMAP but not server side. IMAP mailboxes are always on the server, although it’s possible that whatever software you use to view the server is displaying it as Junk instead of Spam.

It doesn’t delete itself. Are you sure that you’re looking in the user Library folder?

Could you post a screenshot showing how there are two?