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Cannot turn off web outlook junk filter following manual

Following the technical manual of spamsieve here, but I just got another email thrown into my junk filter. Could someone help me with this?

Did the settings that you had match the screenshots in the manual? What is the URL that you are logging into?

Indeed I believe so, here’s a screenshot of my settings.

The url I’m logging into is outlook.live.com/mail/0

That all looks good to me. I’m not sure why, but some people say that rules like this work, while a few report that the server seems to ignore them.

Which mail client are you using on your Mac? If you have Apple Mail, you could use this setup to automatically process the messages caught by the server filter through SpamSieve so that it can rescue the good ones.

Thanks for your answers! Sadly outlook does seem to be very bad in terms of putting mails in spam.

Regarding email client, I’m using mailmate atm. I wonder do you have something for mailmate instead of Mail.app?


I’m not aware of a way to do the same thing with MailMate, but you could try asking Benny, the developer. It might work to make a MailMate rule on the Junk mailbox to move messages where Spamsieve-Score doesn’t exist (i.e. the ones caught by the server filter) to your inbox. Then you could apply SpamSieve to those messages yourself.

Ah thanks for the suggestion, that does seem to work well!

@Michael_Tsai I found a definitive way to disable outlook junk email filtering. Here’s the link ivasoft workflow. Could you maybe update the documentation to reflect this tip?

I will take a look, thanks. Why the archive.org link?

Just for future reference, in case the site goes down :slight_smile: Just a personal habit when posting online, you could use the normal link just fine :slight_smile:

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