Cannot uninstall mail plugin (using Sonoma)

I tried SpamSieve before version 2 and its installed on Sonoma but didn’t work (I don’t think). I got the notice about V3 so I installed that. Now, the settings in SpamSieve shows the mail plugin and mail shows the extension. The app seems to work but how do I get rid of the plugin? Hitting uninstall gives me the notification, closes mail and SpamSieve but once I open them up again, the plugin still shows as installed. How should I proceed?

On Sonoma, Mail no longer shows plug-ins at all. Where are you seeing the plug-in as still installed?

ScreenShot 2023-09-25 at 10.35.14

Here is what I see in the SpamSieve Settings.

Thank you for the quick response. I love what I see so far and I am hoping this works to make my mailbox way more manageable. Good work on this tool.

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The Uninstall Plug-In… button is always available, even if the plug-in is not installed. This is because, before you click the button, SpamSieve may not have enough information (e.g. Full Disk Access) to determine whether the plug-in is currently installed or not. We don’t want to prevent you from being able to uninstall. It also does a variety of things besides uninstall the plug-in. If you click the button and it says that it uninstalled the plug-in, that means it’s really gone.

That is a little confusing to me but thank you for the clarification.

Keep up the good work.