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Cant access mails in library folder

Hi there,

I use EagleFiler to archive my mails from Apples Mail Application. I store the EagleFiler Library inside my encfs-encrypted dropbox and want to access the archived mails from time to time with the BoxCryptor App from the AppStore. For some reason the INBOX its just a non associated document which isn’t browsable. The Manual says that the “Library Is Open”. I can’t see that. Please advise me.




EagleFiler stores messages in mbox format. This is supported by every mail program that I’m aware of, and the files are also viewable as plain text. It’s a non-associated document because normally applications don’t open mailbox files; they import them.

So should it be possible to browse them or am I mistaken? Is there something wrong with my file association?

$ cd: /Volumes/BoxCryptor/EagleFiler/Library/Files/Mails/INBOX: Not a directory

Are you trying to browse on iOS or a Mac? I’m not sure that file associations are even relevant on iOS. If you’re in an iOS app such as BoxCryptor, you can’t pick a different app. It just comes down to whether the app can read the file. I don’t know whether BoxCryptor supports large text files. If BoxCryptor isn’t recognizing it as text, it might help to rename it in EagleFiler to end in “.txt”.

Not sure what you’re trying to do there. It doesn’t make sense to cd to a file. If you want the mailbox stored as a folder of individual message files, you can do that in EagleFiler by dragging the messages into a folder.