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Cant get SPAM to go into Junk folder

I have SpamSieve set up as per the instructions and it seems to be working just fine. I also have had it running on my iMac at home and it works beautifully there. I have it set up the same way on my Macbook AIR but the emails categorized as spam are not going to the Junk-Email folder. Here is how I have my RULES setup up for Outlook 2011 V14.3

If any conditions are met
Category is Junk
Category is Uncertain Junk
Move message to Junk Email on my computer.

emails that are greyed out in the inbox, I assume this means it is categorized as junk, never get moved.

Many thanks,

Please see Using SpamSieve With Multiple Macs.

That looks good. Does it move the messages if you select them and apply this rule? Also, please make sure that this rule is below the “SpamSieve - Set Category” rule.