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Can't keystroke tags with the quick capture

Am evaluating EagleFiler a second time but am having problems. If I press Command/F1 to do a quick capture, I can’t enter any tags in. I can type the first letter of whatever tag I am creating and then it skips to the next “field” with the rest of the letters. It has done this over and over. I am only allowed to create tags with the dropdown menu.

I’m not seeing that problem here. If the first letter I type matches a previous tag, it shows a pop-down menu, but if I keep typing additional letters, the menu goes away and I can enter any tag I want. It doesn’t finish the tag (and turn blue) until I press Space or Comma.

The Tags field in the Capture with options window should work exactly the same way as the Tags field in the main window and the one in the Info inspector. Do those work for you?

Okay–dorky me figured it out. I was trying to keystroke within the little oval instead of starting outside of one. Sorry.

But now another problem–perhaps another oversight on my part. Should I be able to drag and drop whole docs into the drop pad? Even when the menu on the pad is opened to a particular library, I can’t drop a whole doc, but I can drop snippets.

I can drop whole docs into the icon on the doc, but not the drop pad.

Thanks for your great service.

Yes, everything that you can drop on the Dock icon should also work with the Drop Pad. When you say “whole docs,” what do you mean exactly? What are you dragging, and from which application?

When you say that you “can’t drop” it, is EagleFiler reporting an error? Or do you mean that the edge of the Drop Pad window doesn’t highlight?

OK, I think I see what you mean. It looks like there’s a bug where part of the Drop Pad doesn’t accept file drops. Try dropping on the top part, above the eagle.

Thanks, that works. (Perhaps this instruction should go in the manual.)

I will definitely buy Eaglefiler.

Instead I’m going to fix it so that the dropping works everywhere.

Ah, you’re such a perfectionist! :slight_smile: Thanks.

This is fixed in EagleFiler 1.3.4.