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Can't open encrypted library "because there isn’t enough space."

I’m getting this error message when trying to open an encrypted library.

You can’t save the file “XYZ.eflibrary” because there isn’t enough space.
Remove some files from the volume, and then try again.

Someone in the DropDMG thread had a similar problem but I’m not sure I understand exactly what the solution was there or whether it will apply here.

Running Yosemite 10.10.1. This would be the first time I’ve tried to access this library since the OS X upgrade. Also installed a couple of new kexts since this file was last accessed successfully.

The good news is, the Finder mounts the sparsebundle just fine and the contents inside /Files seem to be intact.



It sounds like you’ve simply reached the maximum library size that you set when creating the library. Please see this page. To get more space, you could rebuild the library to a new sparsebundle.

That’s the strange thing: The contents weren’t anywhere near the 20GB bundle size I set when creating the library, and I hadn’t added any files since the last time I successfully opened it. So something else must have happened to corrupt the library.

Anyway, I’ll try rebuilding the library and report back.

You could also try repairing the mounted sparsebundle using Disk Utility.