Can't open SpamSieve to get rid of new mail sound

I installed SpamSieve yesterday, and it’s working fine. However, my Mac now plays this awful sound whenever I get a new email in Airmail. (For the record, the sound is called “mezzo” by Apple)

When I click on SpamSieve in my Applications folder or from the Dock, it brings up the Purchase page and thanks me for buying it. But there’s no menu at the top or any way to get into the SpamSieve options. It’s driving me NUTS! How do I get SpamSieve to stop making sounds?!?!

I’m not sure what “mezzo” is. I don’t see it on my Mac. The default SpamSieve sound is “Basso.” You can disable (or change) it in the Notification tab of the preferences.

When SpamSieve is active, you can access the preferences from the SpamSieve menu at the top-left of the screen (right next to the Apple menu).

Thanks, maybe it’s Basso, yes.

But there’s no SpamSieve menu at the top left of the screen. That’s my issue - all I get is the purchase popup box, there’s no way to get to the SpamSieve preferences at all.

And now I don’t even get the purchase popup box. Whenever I click on SpamSieve (either from Applications or the Dock), nothing happens. There isn’t even a dot underneath the Dock icon, telling me it’s running.

I’ve verified that SpamSieve IS running in the background though, both by checking Activity Monitor and having a website send me an email. It’s just that when I try to open SpamSieve to get to its menu system to turn off sounds, nothing happens. At all. No menu at the top of my screen - nothing.

If I uninstall and reinstall, will it kill all of the training I’ve already done?

Which menus do you see at the top of the screen after clicking on the SpamSieve Dock icon?

Is there a button to close the Purchase window?

Could you record sample of SpamSieve so that we can see what it’s doing?

How does being sent an e-mail show you what SpamSieve is doing?

Not if you only reinstall the app file, but I wouldn’t recommend that—it almost never helps.

Just sent you a sample (from a different email address, but I referenced this thread).

Also, being sent an email and having it not bounce produces the SpamSieve Basso sound, so I know it’s working.

I can try and record a video next if it helps.


None. Literally nothing happens. Even if I right-click on SS and select Open, nothing happens.

Yes. I was only seeing it because I hadn’t closed it after purchasing. Once I closed it, it hasn’t shown up again.

It makes the Basso sound, which confirms that SS is running in the background, even though I can’t get the program to open. (See my other post on the Terminal command I ran to confirm SS was making the sound).

Lemme know if you need a video, I can make one quickly in QuickTime.


Thanks. The sample looks like SpamSieve is running normally.

You don’t even see the Apple menu at the top of the screen (if you move the mouse cursor up there)?

I wonder if you have the Dock icon hidden. (It is still possible to click on it in the Dock in some circumstances, but having it set to hidden will prevent the SpamSieve menus from being shown. You should still be seeing menus from whichever other app is active, though.) If that’s the case, this page explains how you can show the Dock icon again and access the menus. You can also access the preferences using the SpamSieve - Open Window command in Mail’s Message menu.

That was it! Unhiding the dock icon gave me access to the menus again, and I was able to disable the Basso sound. Thanks!

Out of curiosity, if I quit SS because I don’t want the icon in my dock 24/7, will it still run in the background and operate normally? That’s why I hid it in the first place. (Although I didn’t realize at the time that I’d have to unhide it just to get to the SS Settings menu.)

It doesn’t run in the background. It will auto-launch again when needed for filtering.

You can access the settings from with Mail without unhiding the Dock icon.