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can't reinstall after bundle removal?

Of a sudden, upon starting Mail I received a message, “Mail has disabled MailTags, MsgFilerPlugin and SpamSieve”. The message suggests that I need to get new versions compatible with Osx10.5 mail. Strange.

I’m on a G-5 running 10.5.2. I’ve tried reinstalling the current version of SpamSieve and yet I do not get the extra message menu items. (These were there before of course, but are now gone.) I do have a Spam folder which has long worked. I quit Mail. When I get SpamSieve going and go to the SpamSieve menu to “install mail plug-ins”, nothing seems to happen.

A related problem that I’m experiencing is that when I try to open iCal I only get “the application quit unexpectedly”. It’s a huge problem that I can’t get to those calendar items. I’ve tried deleting plist files to no avail, taking calendars out to see if the program will start – it won’t, and tried every trick I could find on Apple forum posts.

Any suggestions for getting SpamSieve back in order would be much appreciated.

Steve Ima n- sciman@csupomona.edu

Yes, you need to choose "Install Apple Mail Plug-In.” What happens when you do? Does it say that it installed the plug-in? Or does it report an error? Do you see any errors from Mail or SpamSieve in the Console application?

I wonder if this is a sign of something more seriously wrong with your Mac.