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Can't see my emails since installing SpamSieve

Just installed SpamSieve last night, and while I can hear emails landing, I cannot find them in any folder or inbox, not in junk, not anywhere. Also, the SpamSieve folder I created in setup is missing. It’s there, because when I try to create another one, it says I have a folder of this name. But I can’t find it anywhere. Please help! All my business is conducted by email, and I’m a little frantic.

I just uninstalled SpamSieve and my emails appeared (spam, too). I could not find InboxSpamSieve anywhere. So now I’m back to getting 100+ spam messages a day. Is there tech support for this company, i.e., a human who can help me out? I painstakingly went through the set-up steps last night, and things were working…for an hour. Please advise!

UPDATE: Still not getting emails, though I followed all directions to delete SpamSieve files and rules.

I am pulling my hair out now. I am seeing messages disappear on my phone, service (Yahoo) email and Outlook (my primary email source).

I reinstalled SpamSieve after uninstalling it because of the same problem. On my phone, I can see that my sister emailed me. When I click on it, it disappears. On Yahoo, it just seems like I’m getting nothing. Outlook shows that something is downloading, but the email never appears.

Please help me one way or another. This is my livelihood at stake. I wish I’d never heard of this product.

Thanks for troubleshooting this with me. It’s not entirely clear what happened. It looks like everything was working last night and this morning until just before 11 AM. Then there seems to have been a temporary glitch with the Yahoo server (so that the messages didn’t go to your Outlook inbox or to SpamSieve), which is why new messages still didn’t show up after you uninstalled SpamSieve and why the problem affected your phone and Webmail, too. Some time after you reinstalled SpamSieve, it looks like Yahoo resolved the issue, and now you are receiving new e-mails again. If you contact Yahoo, it’s possible that they have a backup of the messages that disappeared this afternoon/evening.