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can't turn off coloring of spam messages in Mail 9.1

I have gone thru the steps (Spamsieve - change settings) to turn off coloring of spam messages in spamsieve, but all the messages in my spam folder are orange in color. This is a fresh installation of El Cap (10.11.1). It’s tough to scan the spam mailbox for potential good messages with that coloring, would really like for basic black for titles, etc again. Any ideas?

Tom C

The SpamSieve setting is for changing the background color to indicate the level of spamminess. The brown/gold/orange text color is from Mail itself, indicating that it has been told that the message is junk. If you turn on SpamSieve’s coloring, it will override the text color to make it black because colored text on a colored background is difficult to read. (Prior to Mac OS X 10.11, Mail would automatically make the text black if there was a colored background.)


Can you tell me how to turn “on SpamSieve’s coloring” so I can disable the orange font color after my 10.11 update.


It’s on by default, and you can adjust it using the SpamSieve - Change Settings command in Mail’s Message menu. This only affects messages that were classified by SpamSieve, not ones marked as junk by a server filter.

When I get to the end it asks " should incoming spam messages be colored according to how spammy they are (darker means more spammy)? Should I select yes or no and is this the setting I need to correct? Thanks.

That’s the one. You should select Yes.

Thanks Mike, that worked.

BTW, I really appreciate you continuing to maintain this software. I’ve been using it since 2008.

Hey Mike, one thing I’ve noticed is even though it keeps the font black it is now labeling the email messages (see image). I’m running 10.11.2 and Mail version 9.2 (3112). Is there a way to remove the labels?


Yes, that’s how SpamSieve has normally worked for years.

Only the setting that you just changed. You can have SpamSieve color the background (what you are calling label) and text or have SpamSieve do nothing and end up with Mail’s default color (which you didn’t like).

SpamSieve 2.9.24 includes an experimental setting to override the brown color from Mail, even for messages that SpamSieve did not process.