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Can't turn off Spam Servers

My AT&T and Verizon accounts spam servers can’t be turned off so I can’t use Spamsieve to control the good emails that end up as spam. What’s the easiest way to go around this issue so I can prevent good emails to go in the spam folder. I am currently using Outlook for Mac version 16.46 with Spamsieve 2.9.42 and Mac OS X 11.1. Any help will be greatly appreciated!

Even if there’s no off switch for the server junk filter, you may be able to disable it by creating a rule to accept all messages, as shown here for Yahoo.

If you use Apple Mail, or are willing to run Apple Mail in the background as you use Outlook, you could set up this script so that SpamSieve can automatically rescue the good messages that the server junk filter caught.

Or, you could manually drag a mix of spam and good messages from the Junk folder in Outlook to the InboxSpamSieve folder, and then SpamSieve will sort through them for you.

Hi Michael,

Thanks again for this suggestion, it looks like this might work for me, I’ll let you know if it worked or not.