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Capture Bookmark from Safari with Options

I have multiple libraries, so I have bound F1 to “Capture with Options” and don’t bother with plain “Capture”.

I use PDF as my default format for Web pages. However, I also regularly capture bookmarks from Safari using the bookmarklet. Unfortunately, the bookmarklet acts as a plain Capture and does not let me select the library – it seems to use the topmost open library – or add metadata.

Is there a way to have the bookmarklets use “Capture with Options”? Alternatively, would it be possible to add means to select the format (Web Archive, PDF, Bookmark, etc.) to the “Capture with Options” dialog?



Neither of those is possible now, but they’re both on the to-do list.

EagleFiler 1.5 supports new bookmarklets that bring up the import options window.

Excellent! Many thanks.