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Capturing Google Mail from Sparrow

I love EagleFiler and I’ve used it extensively to file away project-related e-mail. In the past, though, I’ve always used Mail.app and connected to a corporate IMAP server.

Now I’m at a new job and we use Google apps. I like being able to label e-mail rather than file it in an IMAP directory – similar to why I always appreciated tagging my mail in EagleFiler.

I’m using Sparrow to access my e-mail, and mostly for labeling as well. Now I’m looking for a good way to capture my e-mail into EagleFiler libraries.

Anyone else have a good workflow for this?

Unfortunately, it does not look like Sparrow supports AppleScript access to stored messages.

Grrrr . . . any ideas on a good way to capture e-mail from Google? The only options I’m coming up with are:

  • Use Mail.app (really don’t want to do)

  • In the web UI, use the print view and capture a PDF or web archive

I don’t see any way in Sparrow to save or export a message.

I’ve opened a discussion in Sparrow’s support forum to see if they can add the AppleScript access.

Personally, I would have it save a .eml file for the message. I’m not sure I’d consider this a “good way,” though.