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Capturing not happening on Gmail webpage

In my safari , whenever I try to capture a page from my google or infact many password protected forums all i get is the intro page asking me to enter the password.
Is there any way for it to just capture the page ? or use cookies from my safari to do so ?

Best Regards,
Prashant Maheshwari

EagleFiler automatically uses Safari’s persistent cookies, but that isn’t always enough because some cookies are confined to a particular browser session. In such cases you could use File > Save As in Safari to save a Web archive into EagleFiler’s “To Import” folder, or File > Print and choose “Save PDF to EagleFiler.”

thanx u michael , but this would quite frankly beat the reason, one button snapshot is what attracted me to eagle filer in the first place, saving in safari and going round about looks like a tedious solution.

Which software is being used to run the forums that you want to capture from? Most forums I’ve seen do work with persistent cookies.

Unfortunately, Safari does not have sufficient AppleScript support for EagleFiler to make it save the currently viewed page; EagleFiler has to ask for the URL and then fetch the page itself.

is there any other browser except safari you would recommend me to use , that would use sufficient applescript ? Firefox would be a complete no-no I am aware, what other option i have ?

Safari is relatively better. I don’t know of any browsers that can do this.

when you said the cookies are confined to particular browser session , I am capturing the page during that active session itself right ? or is it that everytime I start safari i clear my cookies and do that , will that help ?

Even forms & protected sites pose a problem .

The cookies are good for that launch of Safari, but only from within Safari.

any apple script , or any other way I can provide cache access to eaglefiler and achieve the same ,any script which might check for the cookie and then capture?

I think what you want simply isn’t possible to do in a supported way.