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Catalina blocked addresses

I was looking forward to using macOS Catalina’s blocked addresses feature to cause some emails to go directly to Trash so that I never have to deal with them. However, while I can add addresses to the blocked list and while they do get marked as being from blocked senders, they are still showing up in my Junk mailbox. I suspect that SpamSieve is putting them there before Mail gets a chance to act on them. If so, is there any way around this?

My understanding is that it’s supposed to work the other way, that Mail checks for blocked senders before applying the regular rules such as SpamSieve. However, server rules and server junk filters process the messages before they get to your Mac at all.

Server’s Fault
Looks like you are correct. I checked the SpamSieve log and it did not handle the emails from blocked addresses. So, my suspicion about SpamSieve was not correct. I use SpamSieve because the Exchange server’s spam filtering is so ineffective. But in these cases it was in some sense more effective than I would like. Thanks for the quick response.