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Catalina problems: where are my trained messages?

SpamSieve is currently not useable in Catalina for me.

Originally, I disabled SpamSieve (I was probably one version .36…was not keeping track at that point) because although the spam messages would go out of my Inbox, they did not show up anywhere else.

I upgraded to .38 today, and re-enabled SpamSieve rule. Nothing got moved.

I then tested training to remove the two spam messages in my inbox. The messages disappeared from the inbox, but did not show up anywhere I could find.

Another spam email arrived, and was not moved. I did training again, but this time I looked at the message carefully so I could search for it. After training, the message was not found in either of the two mailboxes that are called “spam”. (One is OnMyMac; the other is on the server, and is where detected spam is supposed to go.) (In the past, both trained and detected spam have always gone into the server mailbox.)

I am able to search for and find the message, and it says it is in the Spam folder. But neither of my spam folders contains the message, and I can’t find another where this message could be (and it is there, wherever there is, because search finds it)

So I have run change settings, but the very first item is problematic (the folder for trained spam to go into). I don’t want it to go into the onMyMac folder, but I have no idea how to tell it to put trained messages into the server spam mailbox. I feel VERY tentative about the settings for that whole series. It sure would be nice if this were presented as a dialog with all the settings instead of the (strange to me) sequence of questions.

To summarize: I am not seeing any messages going into spam; they stay in Inbox. Trained messages disappear, but search can find them in a folder that I cannot located, called Spam.

Ron Wodaski

The trained spam should go to the location specified in Change Settings.

The detected spam should go to the location specified in the SpamSieve rule in Mail’s preferences.

It sounds like the Spam mailbox may be in a hidden section of Mail’s mailbox list. Please see this page for how you can click the Show button to expand such a section and see the mailboxes.

The first question asks the name. The second question asks whether it should be On My Mac or on the server.

I’m working on this for a future version of SpamSieve.

That’s a different problem. Please check the setup or send in a diagnostic report.