.cdr compatibility with windows

I have .iso images I want to add files. I mounted the .iso image and copied the files to a folder then added the additional files. I dropped the folder into DropDMG (version 2.8) and selected .cdr (windows compatible) as the format with no encryption or segment limits. Encoding is set to None and all options are blank. Under Save I selected the destination folder and selected ‘Prompt for names’.

The file is created and I rename the .cdr to .iso. I can mount the .iso image and view the contents.

With windows, I use a program called Winrar to examine .iso files and extract/view files. But Winrar states the file created by DropDMG is corrupt or an unknown format.

Am I missing something or is there an additional step(s) that need to be accomplished for windows to recognize the file?

I don’t follow. If you had an .iso image and a Windows program that can read .iso, why bother converting to .cdr at all?

I’m not familiar with WinRAR, but one thing you should be aware of is that a .cdr file is not necessarily in ISO format. You can have a .cdr image with a Mac file system, and Windows might not be able to access the content of such an image, but it would be able to burn it, since .cdr is a “raw” format.