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.cdr files from osx in windows


I have problems with .cdr files that i create using dropdmg in os x not being burnable by windows systems. However, .cdr files that i create using Disk Utility in os x are burnable by windows systems.

I am creating Windows compatible .cdr files (cd/dvd master) using an automator script (though it doesnt work if i do it without the automator script).

This is using dropdmg 2.8 on os x 10.4.9.

Any ideas why this might be ?


I’m not sure why that would be. DropDMG and Disk Utility are using the same imaging engine, and as far as I can tell everything about the .cdr images they create is the same. Are you, in both cases, creating the .cdr image directly from a folder?

Do you see any differences if you use DropDMG to Get Image Info on an image that works and one that doesn’t?

When you say that it isn’t burnable in Windows, what do you mean exactly? Are you seeing an error message? From which program?

Im trying to image a cdrom.

The error varies depending on what i use in windows to burn it, but it always comes down to the same thing; it doesnt recognise the image as a valid file.

What’s on the CD-ROM? Is it Mac, PC, or hybrid? Did you compare the images using Get Image Info?

PC stuff. No protection or anything, just company cd’s that need archiving.

I have just created test images in .cdr format of a PC CD-ROM using Disk Utility and DropDMG, and the files are identical. If you want me to help you further, please tell me the exact command that you used to create your image with Disk Utility, as well as the results of using Get Image Info on your two images (created by Disk Utility and DropDMG).