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Change of server - spamsieve doesn't seem to work on that account any longer

I recently changed email provider though my email domain and email addresses remain the same. Spamsieve no longer seems to be operating effectivey on that account as I keep training it but keep getting loads of similar junk emails popping up.

What is the best way that I should proceed. I also have spamsieve working effectively on other email addresses with other email domains.

Thanks for advice.



In most cases, you shouldn’t have to change anything in the SpamSieve setup when you add or change a mail account. Which mail program are you using with SpamSieve?

Hi Michael
I’m using apple mail

OK, with the standard Apple Mail setup you definitely shouldn’t have to change anything when adjusting your accounts. Are the spam messages going to the new account’s inbox or to some other mailbox?

You could check the setup or send in a diagnostic report.