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Change Settings command on macOS 13 Beta 5

Also, possibly related, it’s worth noting that if I select a mail message and then go to the Message menu → SpamSieve - Change Settings, this fails to respond. It never brings up the Change Settings window.

Do the other SpamSieve commands in the Message work? Does it help if you restart your Mac?

FYI, the Change Settings command does not operate on selected messages. It’s just a general command to open the settings wizard.

Hi Michael. Thanks for the confirmation there is no updated beta version. In regards to the SpamSieve Change Settings issue, I rebooted the machine and upon launch of Mail, it is actually stating that " SpamSieve’s training commands will not work because the SpamSieveHelper application is not running.". It may well have been the case before but I wasn’t aware the SpamSieveHelper wasn’t running.

I guess that leads to the obvious question, how do I get this to run?

Thanks for your ongoing help.


SpamSieve may be able to fix it if you choose Install Apple Mail Plug-In again. Otherwise, please send in a diagnostic report after you get that error message, and I’ll take a closer look. Maybe the app is damaged or there’s a file permissions problem or something.

Michael, is there an email address I can send the diagnostic report too? Thanks

Please send it to spamsieve@c-command.com