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Change sources font size and space in the Library sidebar

I just upgraded to the new beta 3 version of EagleFiler 1.9b3, but the Library sidebar text is way too big and the spacing between the text is also too wide, at least for me in a 13’ MacBook Pro. I searched for ways to change these, but in the preferences it’s only possible to change the Lists font and couldn’t find anything in the Esoteric preferences that would do this too.

Is there any way to change the Library sidebar font size and spacing?

EagleFiler 1.9 uses the standard macOS source list style, so the text size and spacing should be consistent with others apps like Finder, Mail, Photos, etc. This is configurable in System Preferences ‣ General ‣ Sidebar icon size.

There are esoteric preferences to override this:

Thanks Michael. I now realised that my preferences for Finder and EagleFiler are different. In Finder the sidebar icon size is Medium but in EaglaFiler I actually prefer it small so I can see more depth of the records structure.

Setting the esoteric preference to small is what I wanted and it worked. Any chance to document these preferences in the docs, as it seems they’re not there at the moment?

Thanks again.

Yes, the documentation will be updated when EagleFiler 1.9 ships.