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Changed email accounts, now most mail goes to spam

I have several email accounts. Recently we had to change our domain host and I had to reconfigure my mail accounts. Now each account has created its own spam folder, and most of the mail is put there. How can I get back to having one spam folder and getting SpamSieve to correctly filter messages?

Sorry for the delayed reply. The forum software thought that both of your posts were spam.

It sounds like your new mail host has a server junk filter that is catching these messages. The best option is to turn that off. If that’s not possible, you could set Apple Mail to use those server spam mailboxes as the special Junk mailbox. You could then set up SpamSieve to rescue the good messages that were moved to Junk by the server filter.

Thank you for getting back to me on this. I did ask them to turn off the feature moving the messages to the server spam mailbox and that stopped. However, (every action has a reaction, right?) I see that the messages are still being marked as “X-spam= YES” and all of those messages are being put in the “junk” folder- even when the sender is specifically on the the SpamSieve Whitelist.
Is SpamSieve referencing the X-spam messages, and can i get it to ignore them?
I am not have good success getting the server host to disable x-spam flagging.

SpamSieve does not classify a message as spam just because of an X-Spam header. It’s fine for the server to have flagging enabled.

You can use the Open Log command to see whether SpamSieve is classifying these messages as spam. It may be that the server filter is still moving them, just to Junk instead of to Spam.

I have not had the chance to wake up the MacBook yet, so SpamSieve has not processed the overnight mail. I logged in to the server’s webmail and I see that these messages are sitting in the Inbox, and the Junk and Spam folders are currently empty on the server. I can identify the problem messages in the Inbox because I set the server to append this prefix to the Subject:

(HP settings 3/2)

I did this so that I could identify messages affected by any changes I asked the server to make. (I have changed the date a couple times.)
Since they are in the Inbox this means that SpamSieve will process them and leave a log of that, correct?
I will send some examples later today.

Yes, if they are unread and in the inbox, SpamSieve will process them when your Mac’s mail program starts running. If it does end up classifying them as spam, the log will show why.

Thank you.
I may have resolved it. I discovered that the AppleMail junk mail filter was enabled! That would explain why these messages were not colored to reflect the degree of spam. It also explains why I have messages in both Spam and Junk.
After I resolve this, I will direct SpamSieve to put mail in the Junk folder instead of Spam.