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Changelog just for Remote Training Script

I’m wondering if there’s a changelog for whenever the Remote Training for Apple Mail script gets updated. I have quite a few mail accounts, and I use the name “Junk” instead of “Spam” for my folders, so I prefer to edit my existing script instead of redoing different parts of the whole script every time an update comes out.

This past time I was able to copy-paste the contents of the script into Text Wrangler, save the old and the new as generic text documents, and compare them using Text Wrangler’s Find Differences command, but I’m thinking a changelog might be easier.

I note in the version history whenever one of the scripts is updated. There is also a modification date at the bottom of the page.

I’m aware thanks to the changelog for SpamSieve itself when one of the scripts is updated, but I’m talking about a changelog for the script itself, e.g. what was changed in the script, on what lines.

This means that I can just edit my copy with the changes, instead of downloading the updated script and having to type all my account names and look for the Spam -> Junk references all over again.

I recommend replacing everything except for your accountNamesForDrone() and spamMailboxForAccount() handlers.