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Changing both background and text color

It doesn’t seem possible to change both the background and text colors. This prevents using any of the dark background colors that I want to use. Is there any work around?

I’m currently using version 2.9.20

Are using Apple Mail?

I would not expect you to change either for spam messages. SpamSieve already changes the background color, and the manual recommends not changing the text color in a rule. Could you give an example of what you are trying to do (and why)?

Yes, I am using Apple Mail. I have three mail accounts and I was trying to change the colors of the spam messages so they would be match the colors of the web site they came from. This is so I could look at the spam folder contents and at a glance I could tell which account is generating the bulk of the spam.

I prefer to catch the spam before it is downloaded, since that will also block it from my iPhone. I use SpamSieve as a last resort, to catch any spam that gets through the ISP’s spam filter.

The order of the default spammy colors doesn’t make sense in any logical order so I didn’t find it useful.

Why not go in order of the spectrum? Blue (associated with cold) would be less spammy, then green, yellow, orange, and finally red (associated with hot) for most spammy?

In that case, I recommend that you set up a separate Spam mailbox for each account.

The colors were originally chosen because Mail had a feature to sort by color, and it was important that this caused the messages to sort by spamminess rather than some random order. Secondarily, the thinking is that the cooler colors should be associated with more spammy messages so that they recede into the background. The less spammy messages should have brighter colors because those are the ones you should be focusing your attention on as you are looking for good messages that might accidentally be mixed in with the spam.