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Changing search default for nested folders — suggestion

I may have posted about this before, but don’t see the thread — and am finding this feature freshly vexing.

With nested folders, wouldn’t it make sense to allow searching of all subfolders by searching within the main folder? Now, if I have a project folder in my main library, I have to either search the subfolders one-by-one, or back up all the way to “Records” and do a library-wide search, which brings up all sorts of non-project-related material.

It seems as if both logic and convenience would argue for structuring search in the way I suggest. (For comparison, in OneNote, whose structure is not unlike Eaglefiler’s, you get the option to search a folder, a “section” (i.e., a folder and the subfolders it comprises), or the whole notebook).

There’s a thread about this here. I’d like to add some options in a future version. Currently, you can either:

  1. Multi-select the subfolders so that they are searched, too; or
  2. Create a smart folder that shows the entire contents of a folder and its subfolders, and use that when you want to search.

Thanks–I think there’s still some merit to my suggestion, but I didn’t think of these two solutions.

EagleFiler 1.6 will automatically search all the subfolders of the selected folder. You can optionally turn this off by unchecking Search Contained Folders/Mailboxes/Tags.

That’s great news–very helpful.