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character not recognized

I rand into a problem when importing a PDF file with the Danish character å in the title name, eagle-filer did not recognize/accept the character, meaning you could not search and find the document in eaglefiler, unless you delete the character in eagle-filer and retype it. Anything I do wrong.

When you say “did not recognize,” do you mean that the character was not properly displayed in EagleFiler?

What did you type into the search field? Were you doing a Title search or an Anywhere search?

I created a test PDF file with “å” in the title, and it seems to work normally with EagleFiler. It displays properly and can be found with a search (typing either “a” or “å” for an Anywhere search, or “å” for a Title search). Please e-mail me your PDF file so that I can see what’s different about it.