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checking mail in IMAP subfolders

I use Apple Mail and SpamSieve with several mail accounts, one of which is an IMAP account. But SpamSieve doesn’t seem to check mails that are coming into the subfolders of the INBOX.

Is this at all possible with SpamSieve?

No. Apple Mail and most other mail programs only see messages as “new” if they arrive in the inbox. Messages always do arrive in the inbox, unless you’ve specially configured your mail server to route them elsewhere. You can manually apply Mail’s rules to any messages by selecting them and choosing Message > Apply Rules.

Thank you for your reply. You say that ‘most other mail programs’ won’t work like this, which one would work in this setup?

I believe Microsoft Entourage applies the rules to all new IMAP and Exchange messages.

It looks like that in Thunderbird also every mail is checked, even those already in subfolders :slight_smile: