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Checking Webmail & iPhone

For the longest time I was using POP mail with the built in Mail app. I would download all mail from the server and click the option to keep mail on the server that was less than 1 week old. After 1 week that mail would be deleted. I did this so that I could both download mail to my computer and also still see it in webmail and on my iPhone.

Recently, I converted to IMAP. I have spamsieve filtering mail and also have many Mail rules that sort messages into their respective folders on my hard drive. Is there any way to download my emails and also still see them in webmail and on my iphone? The second I download and sort the emails with rules they delete from the server.


You need to have all the devices connected to the server using IMAP. And when your Mail rules move the messages to other mailboxes, they should move them to messages inside the IMAP account rather than under “On My Mac.”

ok so I should be making new folders within imap and having my rules sort emails into those imap folders? I have tons of email on my computer already, do I need to upload them to imap or can I start new folders?


You can start new folders if you don’t mind the contents of the old folders not syncing to other devices.