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Choose folder on import

I love EagleFiler. It has become indispensable to me.

Because of that, I’m importing more. We NEED to have the ability to aim an imported piece of data at a folder AT THE TIME of import. What needs to happen is that when one hits F1, it needs to bring up a list of folders to select the import destination.

Maybe I’m missing this somehow?


That’s a feature I’m planning to add.

At present, one way to choose the folder at import time is to drag and drop into that folder in the source list.

The drag and drop onto the folder doesn’t work for me - way to much stuff open at once.

I’m just trying to encourage you to move that feature up on the list. If one could select what folder and to add tags at F1 import time, that would be wonderful.


There’s no need to do that. It’s already at the top of the list of new features to add.

Do you mean that I can add files directly to the ~/egalefiler/eflibray folder/Files hierarchy? They will be indexed correctly and not cause any problems? Once they are there and indexed, I assume they can NEVER be moved, only tagged differently. Hope I’m wrong. When I moved some files a few months ago I had erros starting up every time, which was terribly annoying. I tried to delete the missing files, but it took many clicks and there were hundreds of files.

No. You should not move, delete, or add any files or folders in the Files folder except via EagleFiler.

I meant that you can drag files into the hierarchy in the EagleFiler window, and then it will import them into the proper folder.

Am also very much looking forward to this feature being implemented. Thank you!

Journaler does this now in their latest revision and works very nicely as an example of how to do it.


This was added in EagleFiler 1.3.